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Random Favourites

Some of my favorite deviations!

Gifts To Me

I am so grateful for what people have made for me... Let's watch, shall we?

Done by YukiTheCreature, I absolutely love this piece, it is currently my favorite thing anyone has drawn for me. I love the anime style to it, and I love my panda hoodie... Thank you, Yuki. So much.

Happy Birthday XeruFury!! by StormStrikeElectric
Done by StormStrikeElectric for my birthday, at this point it becomes apparent that the Panda is my favorite animal. That birthday when I got these was probably the best day of my life for multiple reasons, but... these were the best gifts I had gotten. Thank you, Stormy.

Done by the best person in the world, MadiRoMa. It isn't extravagant and it doesn't have such delicate lines, but I was feeling sick that day and she honored me with something that made me smile. Madi, I must have thanked you a thousand times, but this time means more. Thank you, my adorable little pillow <3

:thumb572887310: FNaF 'Just Memories' by Conimania Instability Cover (For XeruFury) by StormStrikeElectric
Let's not forget the instances of cover art I've requested in the past... Even though the albums are really only in my head at the moment, I'm so... tickled, I suppose is the word, tickled that people cared enough to sit down and do a request for me. The amazing people who helped me with these are Physir3, Conimania, and StormStrikeElectric, in order. The albums were (of course), the Fazbear Phenomena, Just Memories, and Instability. Thank you, all of you, so much.

Music Box

Here are some of my current favorite music videos!

Big thanks to :iconlykosonette: and :iconwaningmoon7: for the coding help!

The Light (Disturbed)

Cold (Five Finger Death Punch)

Ashes of Eden (Breaking Benjamin)

.45 (Shinedown)

Angel (Theory of a Deadman)

Fix Me (10 Years)

Handlebars (Flobots)


What is your favorite art-medium-thing that I do? 

5 deviants said Lyric Writing
4 deviants said SCP Writing
4 deviants said Death Battle Writing
No deviants said Misc Fiction Writing


:rainbow: isn't an image but :star: is.
Sun Mar 20, 2016, 9:34 AM
Yep, hopefully XD
Mon Mar 14, 2016, 5:07 AM
Probably lol
Mon Mar 14, 2016, 4:33 AM
Oh... maybe in some corner of the Internet then? XD
Sun Mar 13, 2016, 12:32 PM
Probably. I looked up basic HTML code tutorials and found jack squat.
Sun Mar 13, 2016, 10:02 AM


There are no threads yet!

I'm here too!

:bulletblue: Skype: xerokeijiro
:bulletblack: Kongregate:…
:bulletred: YouTube:…

I dunno what other media I should be on lol

What is your favorite art-medium-thing that I do? 

5 deviants said Lyric Writing
4 deviants said SCP Writing
4 deviants said Death Battle Writing
No deviants said Misc Fiction Writing


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First order of business. I never said Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


I'm gonna try to actually submit something because I'm in a damn good mood. Why? Well, read the third order of business.





I have a PS4 now. If you're willing... then add me! Tag is Mister_Bambu.
What is your favorite art-medium-thing that I do?
5 deviants said Lyric Writing
4 deviants said SCP Writing
4 deviants said Death Battle Writing
No deviants said Misc Fiction Writing
I bought Core twice! Hooray!
6 deviants said Congrats!
4 deviants said Why?
2 deviants said Pft okay.
1 deviant said Why waste money?

:party: Yay, ninja llama!

(I don't even collect these things, this one is just special) 
Let me just start by saying that I am not Democratic or Republican- I am independent. What that means, essentially, is that I don't say I will vote for anyone based on party. I maintain the right to base my decisions based on what I see, what I've known about the person in question, the person's history in politics, etc etc. This means A. a lot more research than just saying "Politician A is a Republican/Democrat, therefore I shall vote for Politician A" and B. I am equally hated by both sides. Moving on. 

First point of the day: I am totally and utterly against the notion of Donald Trump. Beyond something along the lines of personal slights (I am autistic, so you can see why my president verbally attacking people with autism might offend me), the man is morally retarded; no, not like the mentally retarded insult most middle schoolers throw around, I mean that he is literally morally retarded; for those who don't know, "retard" means "to slow", so in this context I am saying that Donald Trump is actually just slow in his morals (not exactly caught up with the rest of us, anyways). He's a bigot (what a cliche word to use) in every sense, he has the psyche of the middle ages ("use walls to keep out those guys and women =/= men" or something like that), he is the most childish politician I have ever seen (he sues pretty much everyone who is against him, so if I go offline that means Uncle Trump has sent his lawyers after me), so on and so forth. In short... he's pretty shitty. He's like a personification of amorality. So when all those over-dramatic Clinton commercials said he was unfit for presidency... I agreed, oddly enough. 

I will also say this: Hilary Clinton is no better. Beyond the whole classified email thing, the woman has done some incredibly shady actions that cast doubt on her political career (ever heard of a little place called Benghazi? Thank Hilary Clinton for that). Additionally... she can't be trusted. She constantly changes her opinions on things (literally everything). It was even brought up in the debates that she probably couldn't be trusted to stick to anything she was doing now simply because she might feel differently tomorrow. Hilary cannot defend herself worth a damn (I mean in a debate; she tends to just start smiling or something when people bring up something legitimately important). So... for these reasons and more (no fly zone over Siberia, being pretty fucking crazy, etc), I would also say that Hilary Clinton is a terrible vote.

In fact, my vote would have been for Jill Stein. While she does not have an immense political repertoire, she has done legitimately good things in her past (the same can be said for Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders). Additionally, she removed herself from the Democratic party because THEY screwed up- this is a good thing, it shows that she would not have stuck to any one party's views because... let's face it, most parties were wrong. A lot. So, I would have genuinely voted for Jill Stein if I thought she had a chance. Sadly, she pointed out faults that included pretty much EVERYONE in the states, attacking both the Democrat and Republican parties (referring to them as neo-liberalism and neo-fascism, which is pretty accurate). Additionally... she can take things too far. She spray-painted a pipeline at a rally, for instance. 

So then. Anyhow. I've said my piece and now expect hate from everyone, so if I don't respond, it's because I'm dealing with the tidal waves of hatred. Sorry lads. 

TL:DR version: Wouldn't have voted for Trump or Clinton, probably would have voted for Bernie or people like him (Gary Johnson/Jill Stein). 

Dumb fucking country... 
Alright. Here I am to complain again, so open your ears.

Dear people looking ominously into the camera after four hours of make up for some damned stupid ad or, maybe, just to satisfy your own egotistical and irrational obsession with yourself, who am I to say...

You look like a douche. Get normal-fitting clothes, eat some actual food, have emotions other than "happy", "mad", or "neutral", watch some god damned anime (it's healthy, scientifically proven), and get your enormously swelled heads out of your asses.

Thank you. That is all. 


XeruFury's Profile Picture
Mr. Bambu
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

This is my new profile. I'm trying to be a nice person because it honestly sucks to be the bad guy all the time. It really does.

To learn about me, just surmise what you can from my stamps and things...

Atheism .stamp by silverybeast Hollywood Undead stamp by ParamourxLights Breaking Benjamin Stamp by LuxDani
Five Finger Death Punch stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Three Days Grace Stamp by LuxDani Discworld Stamp by kjthemighty
SCP Foundation Stamp by TreTrethe2nd Horror Movie Freak by SNKGFX NERD Stamp by Kojima2087
Red VS Blue Stamp by pillze69 Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts
- Stamp: Until Dawn. - by ChicaTH Fran Bow stamp by BabyWitherBoo Music Lover by BobOfTibia
Japan Lover's Stamp by MurdererDelacroix Hopeless Romantic Stamp by silber-englein : Pro-Choice is NOT... : stamp by Tibb-Wolf
Asperger Syndrome Stamp by MooniGaming Cryaotic fan stamp by PaintedSerenity GIR FAN stamp by Phantom--Wolf
The Log-out Stamp by Busiris I support writing English by FragileReveries Stamp by Kataang-furuba
gir by freeliboyax

I will add more when I feel like it. This is enough for you to know...

My internet familia, because my real one sucks:

:iconhumanproxy: :iconstormstrikeelectric: :iconphysir3: :iconyukithecreature:

My few friends:
:iconwaningmoon7: :icongothalla123: :iconconimania: :iconsketcher915: :iconajzephyros: :icond-sad: :iconlittlemisspriscellia: :iconimnurhest: :iconlykosonette: :iconmaldictus: :iconwords-of-fate: :iconyazunai: :iconpokeballztheseries: :iconepsg2: :iconladymalvoliosander: :iconbrando360: :iconkenpachitheramasama: :iconecapatar: :iconimaginekami:

My favorite artists:

:iconstormstrikeelectric: :iconkerembeyit: :iconlittlewriterlink: :iconshuploc: :iconendling: :iconrisachantag: :iconmaiarcita: :iconreynasteph93: :iconrainbowthefox: :iconisvoc: :iconimaginekami: :iconcryptid-creations:

Business Associates
:iconartofodd: :iconshacklesoul: :iconisockstealer:

My waifu:


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Featured Deviant (Week 4)

This week's featured artist is...
Here's an example of their work!
The DruidIt is I who guard the wilds
From desecration so reviled
Attuned to the world
Ever since I was a child
My circle is unbroken
With secret words it's spoken
From within my glade I watch
The protector has awoken
Nature by my side
Another wild ride
A beast in man's skin
No place to run or hide
From the wrath of the wilderland
Sky falling by my ancient hand
The twisted roots will grasp
Raising thorns on your last stand
Wildshape; you can't escape
I'll bring you to your knees
Carving out my territory
When I make you bleed
It's the law of the wild
The call of the pack
I hope you were prepared
'Cause nature won't hold back
So learn your lesson well
And you might live to tell
That this forest is defended
By those who in here dwell
One More SinI've been alone upon this road
I thought I'd do it on my own
Cause I was so invincible
And so young
When fate came knockin' on my door
I thought I'd wage a one man war
Sweet arrogance would blind me from
The sun
And too late did I see
The ground beneath my feet
Had fallen away
Crumbled away
From the lies I've told
And stories I've sold
I've lived a life entrenched in sin
Why couldn't I see
What I've done to me
Have I fallen too far to rise again?
I'd take it all back if I could
But it's too late
Sickness taken all I had
Never thought I'd get this bad
But hindsight makes a fool
Of us all
Now I lay here on my bed
So restless deep inside my head
Regretting all the years that I
Had done wrong
And too late did I see
The ground beneath my feet
Had fallen away
Crumbled away
From the lies I've told
And stories I've sold
I've lived a life entrenched in sin
Why couldn't I see
What I've done to me
Have I fallen too far to rise again?
I'd take it all back if I could
But it's too late
Far too late

This month's featured artist is...
:icontheyllfindyoudead: & :iconwaningmoon7:
Here's an example of their work!
A universal love poem People find it hard to confess their love so I wrote a universal love poem for everyone who needs one. Feel free to use it, just tell me if it worked afterwards ;)
When I think about you
The first thing are your eyes because you walk
Keeping them closed, don't stumble, still talk
You know your way from the heart
That illuminates from you
That's what I've been attracted to
From the very start
The second thing is the smile you wear
When I am frowning in despair
Because you know the sorrow that overshadows my world
Is nothing that in the end would really hurt
You're beautiful inside
I want to treasure your mind
Who cares if others don't see
What I was able to find
Prediction To be read as poetry though it was composed as a song
In the night
The ice crystals come life
Playing theater for the dead
And when it's cold outside
Deep in the winter night
We will finally meet
And they'll predict our history
The noise of the world pierced his ears
There were no woods insight there to hide
So he chose to flee into the silence
Between the never judging corpses alive
She was walking her favourite graveyard
Was bewildered by the spell of time
No one can remember the sins of the dead
They loaded while they were still alive
Both of them they searched for the thombstone
Where their name was already written
That's where they met for the first time
And again each and every night
The ice crystals come life
Playing theater for the dead
And when it's cold outside
Deep in the winter night
We will finally meet
And they'll predict our history

Force Of Nature by waningmoon7 Blood by waningmoon7


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